Just Back From France

I had the opportunity to visit France – Paris to Normandy and I can tell you that it was a very well enjoyed trip.  I gazed upon history in the form of buildings, art, statues and streets.  When I travel to these faraway places, I find my self in awe of all things ‘old’.

I was at the Eiffel Towel, Normandy Beach and the colorful Monet Gardens.  It is truly inspiring and I feel most grateful and blessed to have these opportunities in my life.

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There Are Places I Remember

Posted: April 6, 2015 in Uncategorized

There Are Places I Remember.

There Are Places I Remember

Posted: April 6, 2015 in Uncategorized

My new book is out with a collection of poems and photography from some of the phases, places and spaces I have come to know.  It is simple and it is raw.  I share some of these early moments in the written word and photographs.

there are places 2

I hope that you will support my work and enjoy the book.



Available on Amazon.

Moving Along

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As the year has progressed I have been able to accomplish some of the goals I had set out to do.  Yipee!

What Does ‘Vegan’ Mean? has sold internationally and am hopeful for sales to continue.  It is a great book for vegan kids.  On the heels of that book we now also started a Vegan Kids Club.  I think that it will be a wonderful opportunity for kids.

Then of course, My Mommy Loves Me is in the works and hopefully out in a month or two along with other projects.

These are exciting times!

aha moment 2010

The year 2014 has been quite an interesting year.  I have worked hard on many areas and activities.  I am grateful that I was able to do so and survived the year.  Now, 2015 is right around the corner and I’m looking forward to what the year might bring.

I’m hopeful that more compassionate, loving people step forward to help heal the world with kindness.  That we become more caring about each other.  That we finally begin respecting the animals, and the planet.  That we start and continue on a path to a better tomorrow for ourselves, our children, the animals and the planet.

I hope that more people step outside the box to free themselves of what has been and start seeing  what should be.  That instead of defining themselves in politics as democrats, republicans, etc., that instead they define themselves as officials for the whole of humanity and act in the best interest of all, instead of tending to their own agendas.

I wish for everyone a kinder, compassionate and vegan world.  Let’s free ourselves from suffering or causing the suffering of others.  May we all find our heart and let love flow from it. Remember, everyone matters and one person can change the world.

Happy New Year!


What Does ‘Vegan’ Mean?

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What Does ‘Vegan’ Mean?.

Contact Information:  Nancy Arenas
505-332-0446 or natear21@msn.com

Authors/Art Production:  Nancy Arenas & John Burchell Nancy Arenas & John Burchell announce the Release of their new Vegan Children’s Book, What Does ‘Vegan’ Mean?wdvm

Albuquerque New Mexico – Local Albuquerque ballroom dance partners, Nancy Arenas & John Burchell, have added another inventive project to their repertoire.  The two have created a wonderful vegan children’s book that explains, What Does ‘Vegan’ Mean?  This book is a love project for Nancy who is trying to convey the message of love and compassion for all humans and non-humans alike. The vibrant lovable characters, Castielle and Duncan, will fascinate children with their simple story of love and compassion for the whole world.

What Does ‘Vegan’ Mean?, is a new and exciting to share with all children but specially vegan kids.  The book has colorful illustrations and a wonderful conversation between a brother, Duncan and his sister, Castielle. The book is 8.5 x 0.1 x 8.5 inches.

Nancy Arenas & John Burchell are proud to offer their newest work, What Does ‘Vegan’ Mean?, now available on Amazon.com.